Olek Olek

Hey, Hey, Hey!

Well I feel like Mondays keep coming faster and faster!

Palau is just awesome let me tell ya. I am sure it is the promised land! I just love being here and serving these people!

One of our favorite things to say is “Kemam a chad er a belau eng di aki melecholb el oba clorox er a bek el sils!” Which means… “We are Palauan but we shower with Clorox every day” (that is why we are white.) ha ha Everyone just loses their heads when we say that! It really gets people comfortable with us.

The work is going well the Sisters had a baptism on Saturday and it was awesome! the man’s name is “M” and he is the coolest! He met a member while working at a dive shop. When he met the member, he had recently gone through a very serious life or death experience which had really opened his eyes and made him wonder what the purpose for this life was. (GREAT QUESTION RIGHT!) So, one day he was talking to his new LDS friend and one thing led to another and he was converted!

“M” has such an awesome testimony! I know that God loves “M” so much, that is way he led that member into his life right when he needed God the most. I know that God leads each of us into the lives of others to help them and bless them with the knowledge of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ; so that they too can feel the pure happiness that only the Gospel can bring. I know that I will be forever grateful for the many people Heavenly Father has led into my life to keep me on the right path. I love this Gospel.

Our area is doing well. We have been doing a LOT of finding and it has just been a blast! I love just walking around and talking with people and getting to know them and their stories…. and of course, sharing the AWESOME NEWS OF THE RESTORED GOSPEL!

“J” is doing well, still struggling with the word of wisdom but his spirits are up! We convinced him to come to “M’s” baptism and it was so cool to see all the members welcome him, and encourage him to prepare for his baptism. Every member he talked to asked him if he was next to get baptized? By the end of the baptism “J” came up to us and said you know I am thinking about having my baptism on the 13th of May. YES!

While out walking around yesterday we knocked on the house of this man named Dr. “Y”. He owns the medical clinic here on Palau. It was raining hard when we knocked on his door so when he answered he let us right in. He is VERY NICE AND HIS HOUSE IS NICE TOO. We had a good conversation and he had a lot of questions about how our church was started. We shared a bit about the restoration and gave him a pamphlet to read. After the lesson, he said we could come by anytime, and gave us some food from Taiwan! He is a super nice guy!

I recently finished the Book of Mormon and I have been reading in first Nephi again. I just love it! I love the Book of Mormon so much! Nephi is such an awesome example to me of being diligent in following the council of the Lord.

I loved the talk in General Conference about following the first prompting. Too many times we second guess ourselves, when in reality we should be like Nephi of old and “go and do the things the lord commands” when he asks the first time! I have been trying to follow the first prompting recently and I have seen so many miracles come from it! I hope that you all will continue to follow the first prompting.

Another talk I loved was the one by President Uchtdorf, about how perfect love casteth out all fear. I have seen this so much in my mission. As my love for the people has grown, my desire to share the Gospel with them has grown as well. I am no longer afraid to talk to anyone, because I love them so much! They are my brothers and sisters! I know that deep down they want the message that we have to share.

Another portion of the talk that I loved, was the part when he talked about how when we are motivated by fear we will almost always fail. But when we are motivated by love, especially a love of God, we will almost always succeed. I have seen this to unfold in my own life. As I have experienced a mighty change of heart on my mission. ALMA would say, I have found that living Gods commandments has become easier. I no longer live them because I must, or see them as rules. I live them because I want to. Because I love my Father in Heaven and desire with all my heart to be with him again one day. I now see his commandments as loving guidance from a Father who truly loves me, and wants me to be happy, in this life and in eternity.

General Conference is SO good! I love and sustain those men!

The church is so true! I am a Mormon! I know it! I live it! I love it!

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Rupp