Alii everyone I love with all my heart!

Olek olek er tia el taem a kmal mereched! A kot el oureour a mla luut el mei!

How has everyone’s week been? I hope fantastic because I know mine has been fantastic!

Meyuns is awesome! I love all the people here and this place so much! Meyuns is also the area Elder Climer spent his last transfer, so that is kind of cool.

Meyuns is the smallest area in Palau, but we have the biggest car! We drive a truck, and it is so crowded here, that usually we just say, “never mind” and just walk everywhere, which is so great! There are so many people in the streets that are just outside hanging out, that when we walk, we have so many opportunities to share the gospel, because people are everywhere! Ha-ha So great!

The Meyuns apartment is a little… well different ha-ha. Our air conditioner is broken, the toilet is broken. (we flush it using a bucket) The shower head is broken, no hot water, the roof is breaking, and there are ants everywhere! No matter how much bug spray we use, they just keep coming back! Living here is certainly an adventure… I love it! (but I think if Sister Howes saw our apartment she would die!)

Our most progressing investigator is named “E” and he is solid. I picked him up when I got to the area and his baptism is set for this Saturday! He is the only Christian in his family. Sometimes they give him crap for it, but his testimony is so strong, and he knows the church is true. He comes to church every Sunday and reads his Book of Mormon every day! He is such an amazing example to me. We are going to go play basketball with him today!

Elder Ititaake is the man! He is from Kiribati. He was trained by Elder Jenson; so, in our mission family he is my cousin! He is so cool and I love him a ton! He loves to scare me… A couple days ago he got into the closet and when I came into the room he jumped out screaming! I almost had a heart attack!

Well in news from my past area “J” did not get baptized on Saturday. For some reason, he called off his baptism and postponed it for two more weeks. He did come to church on Sunday.  Also my old investigators “M” and “l” came to a baptism on Saturday (for the sisters investigator) and then church on Sunday! So cool!

I had my first district meeting this week. We talked a lot about how we can become master planners. It went well I think. I love the missionaries I have been blessed to have served with. I learn so much from all of them every day!

Well that is about it for this week! I know this Church is true with all my heart. I am so thankful for this time to serve our Lord. I know He lives.

Ak kmal Betik a renguk er kemiu!

Elder Rupp