President Zarbock was here and well… He informed me that it is in fact not a joke… Elder Rupp is indeed returning home this week. DIAK A SUAK! Haha

This past weekend we had Zone Conference with President and Sister Zarbock. It was very bitter sweet. Elder Warr and I had the opportunity to give our departing testimonies. It was honestly the most difficult time, that I have ever had baring my testimony. So much has happened these past two years. So much has changed. So much has been learned. And so many people have been loved; that I am finding it to be extremely difficult, to put all my feelings into words.

Nevertheless, I managed to get out four of my favorite statements ever to proclaim. 1) I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord’s true church. 2) I know Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. 3) I know the Book of Mormon is true. and most of all… 4) I know that Jesus Christ Lives.

If I was to run into the Savior of mankind somewhere between now and arriving in the Sacramento airport, and I saw His face, and knew that it was Him, I would not know anymore then, than I do now, that He lives. He loves us. His arm is always stretched out to bring us home. I love Him. And all I want is to be like Him. He is my superhero. He is my role model, my example, and most importantly my Brother.

This past weekend my former investigator from Airai, “M” was baptized. I felt so honored that he asked me to perform the ordinance for him. I will never forget the feeling that I felt as I watched him come out of the water. He is an amazing man.

The part that I think is the coolest about his story, is that the only reason he could find the “Pearl of Great Price” was because his neighbor a recent convert, had the confidence and the willingness to share the Gospel with his friend.

That is the kind of member I am going to strive to be. My mission does not end when or because, I take off the name tag. I will continue to share the Gospel with all those around me, now and throughout the eternities.

I want to get started on this goal right away! Mom, could you please inform the missionaries that I would like to meet with them when their schedule permits, to discuss with them what WE can do to better help their investigators.

Also, could you please inform Bishop Wilkes that I would also like to have a meeting with him when time permits, about what WE can do to strengthen the ward and help the less actives, to come back into the fold of the good Shepard. There is no greater work to be done! “SHALL WE NOT GO ON IN SO GREAT A CAUSE?”

Palau will forever be in my heart and in my prayers. I am so thankful for the people I have met, the friends that I have made, and the missionaries I have served with.

The Church is true!

Belau Tribe el mo era cherechar!

Elder Rupp