Techolb e Chelid!

Olek what an awesome week!

Hey, I know why don’t I tell you about it…

Okay, so first off with the news that is going to freak Mom out again is… that the infection on my toe came back and I had to have another operation on Friday. The good news is that this time the doctor removed part of my nail bed, so that the part of my toenail that kept growing back into my toe and causing the infection, will no longer grow back. The only the downside is that now I will have a little gap between my skin and my toenail for the rest of my life. Ha-ha-ha. I am all good now though!

I read Ashley’s email this morning about Nordstrom’s new moto of being “ALL IN” this year. It reminded me about how each of us need to be “ALL IN” for the Lord’s work to progress, and for miracles to occur. We must care more about Him than ourselves.

A few events happened this week that really helped me strengthen my testimony on this specific principle.

Friday morning, we awoke as usual at 6:20am to begin our day. The only problem was that my toe was causing me a good deal of pain, and puss was coming out of it. I thought to myself, “hmm yeah my toe probably isn’t supposed to be doing that… let’s go to the Doctor!”

So, we drove over to the Civil Action Team Camp, so that the doctor could check out my foot. I was hoping that he would just prescribe me some medications, and I would be on my merry way, to be about preaching the Gospel… However, that was not the answer I received.

The doctor told me that the toe must be operated on again. We called the Mission nurse and obtained approval for the operation. It went very well! My only instruction after the operation, was to go home and keep my foot elevated for the rest of the day (bummer). That was the doctor’s plan for me, but later I would find that the Lord had other plans for me that day.

On our way home, I called the Zone Leaders to inform them, and let them know that I would be home the rest of the day. During the call, the Zone Leaders informed me that a member from Guam was here to inspect our cars and that we needed to meet them at the church. Of course, I said ok, and we headed to the church, where I laid on a bench with my foot up on my bag while the vehicle inspection was completed.

When that was finished, we headed home with the intent of me going to go rest my foot, but on the way, we realized we had an appointment we needed to get to. We decided to keep the appointment, and then I would rest my foot. The only problem was that the appointment was up a big hill, with a lot of stairs to climb. I limped all the way up that hill and stairs. We talked briefly with our investigator and arranged another appointment.

As we descended the stairs, and then the hill I told Elder Ititaake, alright now I will go rest… but right as the words came out of my mouth the phone started to ring… It was the Sister Missionary’s. They informed us that there was a baby in their area that was very sick, and the parents asked if the baby could receive a blessing. Of course, we said yes! In my head, I thought… “I am not going to deny someone the powers of the priesthood because I have a little boo-boo!” We straight away got back in the car and traveled meet the family, and to perform the blessing.

After the blessing, the family of the baby we had just blessed, informed us of another member who was in the hospital with the worst stage of dengue fever, and that they too had requested to receive a blessing. Of course, we said okay!

We then traveled to the hospital, to find that we were outside of the posted visiting hours. We decided to come back in the evening when visiting hours resumed. In the meantime, I would go rest my foot.

On our way home, we received another call from the Sister Missionary’s asking if we could help them move a bed to the other Sister’s apartment. Of course, we said yes.

After we finished moving the bed, it was time to check back in at the hospital to give the blessing to the member with dengue fever. When we arrived at the hospital we talked with the member about receiving the blessing, and she requested that we wait for her mother to be there. We said of course and told her that we would return first thing in the morning, to give her a blessing, when her mother could be present.

On our way, out of the hospital we again decided that it was time for me to go rest my toe, However, as we were pulling out of the parking lot a man flagged us down. He ran over to our car and began to express that he and his family were members of the church, visiting from Fresno, California; and that his mother had just had surgery. He was wondering if we could go give her a blessing? OF COURSE, WE SAID YES! We immediately went with him, and proceeded to give his mother a blessing. We performed the blessing in Palauan. The Spirit was incredibly strong. I could truly feel Heavenly Fathers love for this wonderful family.

We finally headed home and I got to rest my toe. (during this whole day, I was wearing one croc and a flipflop, with a giant blue bandage on my toe.)

Brothers and Sisters, I know that who God calls, God qualifies. Our Father knew that I was injured, but He still had work for me to do that day. I knew If I put my trust in Him, and did as He asked, He would take care of me and my physical needs at this time. My toe is healing perfectly, and no damaged was caused by the extra walking that was done. It did not even bleed. I felt no pain the whole day even though I had not taken any medication.

I know that we all have short comings, and that sometimes we might feel inadequate or incapable of performing certain tasks that the Lord has called us to do. My words of comfort to all who have ever at any time felt this way are… The Lord knows your weaknesses and shortcomings. He has asked you to run his errands, because He knows you can do it, despite your shortcomings; and that as you humble yourself, and commit to do as He asks, He will make weak things become strong. If the Lord did not think you could do it, He would not have asked you to do it in the first place.

My prayer is that we will all continue to take courage, and willingly accept the Lord’s errands when He calls and entrusts, each of us, to be about his business. Whatever the tasks may be.

We were also blessed this week, to have a wonderful baptism for our investigator “E”. He is truly shining with the spirit, and is excited to bless the sacrament next Sunday for the first time.

Family and dear friends, I know that this church is true, that Jesus is the Christ, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that as we trust in the Lord and choose to do His will over our own, we will always be blessed. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


Elder Rupp