Alii everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Anyway, onto the important stuff…

This past week was so GOOD “OH MY GUAM” IT WAS SO GREAT!

Our diligent efforts have finally paid off and the Lord has truly blessed us with some awesome investigators!

First, we have our brother “M”! The other night we were out proselyting and felt impressed to stop by this barracks for the Filipino workers. We walked in and we found ourselves talking with a man named “J” and after a few minutes of talking we found out that he is a recent convert to the church! He was baptized in December of 2016, and then came to work in Palau. Crazy stuff! We then asked him if he had any friends here in Palau that might be interested in our message? And boom we met “M”! He is so prepared and says he already knows the church is true and he loves reading the Book of Mormon. He is so excited to be baptized! The only thing holding him back is his boss at work is a Seventh Day Adventist.  His only day off is Saturday, so it is hard for him to make it to church. But I am not worried, I know the Lord can do all things, and if “M” really wants to come to church I know the Lord will help him find a way.

Our other investigator is “K”! She is 11 and just solid! She has read all the pamphlets we have given her, and she likes to read to the Book of Mormon. She used to fear baptism, but then she witnessed a baptism, and now she is so excited to be baptized! She has already come to church twice! She is so prepared. It was so cool this past Sunday as we drove past her house on our way to church and saw her standing out in front of her house all ready for church and waiting for her ride. So cool!

“J” is also again preparing for his baptism this Saturday. Please keep him in your prayers. He is so close and I know he can do it.

We are also working with this 24-year-old kid from Nepal named “R”! He is so cool! He is a Hindu, but used to sneak away to attend the Christian church in Nepal on Saturdays with his sister! He has accepted baptism, and is coming to a YSA family home evening activity on Friday. so cool!

Ah I just love the Palauan people so much! They are the best!

Okay, so a cool growth moment that happened for me the other day…

Before my mission, I used to care so much about material things. It was all about having the next new gadget, or the newest clothes, or whatever… But as I have been on my mission, I have realized that I do not really care that much about that kind stuff anymore! None of it really matters, and having the next new thing isn’t going to make you happy! The only thing that truly makes us happy is the gospel! I have found the “pearl of great price” and I am never turning back! I love the gospel so much, and the greatest and most precious thing I could ever bring back from my mission is and always will be the unwavering testimony in my heart of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church is so true. I have heard back in the states a lot of church history stuff is coming out and causing a lot of people to leave the church because of it. The world is becoming more and more wicked.

The only response I must share is to follow the council of our Prophet and read the Book of Mormon. Ponder it, and pray about it. Because I know if you have a testimony of that book you will never fall away. No matter what the world tries to throw at the saints, one thing they can never destroy is the Book of Mormon. It is true. I know it.

I hope you all have a great week, and I hope all those wonderful Mother’s out there, have a great Mother’s Day!

I love you all!

Elder Rupp